Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Nearly there....

You know that Camilla flower petal shawl I keep mentioning? I'm nearly done! Just working the fishtail ends, 16 to do total and I've done.... 4 and a bit. I'm not doing it right at the moment because I'm waiting on phone calls and it requires a bit of concentration. I'm just glad the end is in sight, I was getting sick of counting to 30 something then doing a decrease and then counting to 30 something again. Definitely an ideal beginner shawl, gets you used to decreases, increases and yarn overs, but absolutely boring once you get the hang of it. It would have probably gone quicker if I didn't find 4mm needles and Ba ta'at yarn such a tricky combo, there's something about the two that means I was constantly splitting the yarn or missing the stitch, so I had to knit and purl at half speed and watch my hands which is booooooorinnnng!

My blocking wires are still somewhere in transit. I've asked Alison to check the post next time she passes incase they decided to ignore the redirect and send it to Portsmouth anyway.

I did have a brief surge of hope on Friday when I got a "sorry we missed you card" but when it was redelivered yesterday the hope died. What did I get? A book, even better, a free book! You see, Galaxy chocolate bars currently come with a code on the inside of the packet that you enter into their website for the chance to win a book. I put mine in and won. I had a choice of three, two were very blatantly women's books; pastel covers, titles like "she loved him but couldn't say it" or the like and the third was one that sounded vaguely interesting "Her fearful symmetry" I didn't register the author at the time, but it sounded the most interesting so I plunked for that one. When it arrived yesterday I realised it was the same author as "the Time Traveller's Wife" oooh, thinks I, maybe this will be worth a read. So, I now have a physical book to read next time my hands feel up to it.

Jo still appears to be enjoying his job, he's certainly enjoying being able to have some personal time and getting up at 7am rather than 4am. He was a bit "meh" last night but he hadn't been able to play his new game and there was an annoying story in the news and he was exhausted from the late evening.

I've been brought into a new game online, Lord Of The Rings Online, If you find the right sign up page it is completely free, and I did lose a number of hours to it yesterday. There's a lot of back and forth which is incredibly dull but otherwise it's interesting. I've started a dwarf champion who dabbles in jewellery making.

Anyhoo, going to go play that while I wait for Dad to ring me back about a file I need. He'd ring back sooner but they're getting delivery of their new sofa today and so having to "persuade" the old one out, I remember "persuading" it in!

Later folkals.


P.S. Photos in my next post, I promise!

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