Tuesday, 15 May 2012

DIP David 'stoner' Bennett ?? 2006 - 15th May 2012

As I type this David is sleeping on my chest.  It's amazing how quickly such a tiny body can go downhill.  On Friday he was tired, I thought he was on his way to the bridge, but after a two hour snuggle he was fine.  Saturday and Sunday he's fine, Monday not so much.  On Monday I found him curled up caked in his own mess.  I cleaned him off and rang the vet.  The vet rang for heliobacter meds and said he would come round Tuesday.

Today is Tuesday.  It's currently 3am.  David messed himself again, again I cleaned him off, again he messed himself.  He also gave me The Look.  I hate that look, it means I have to tell the vet not to bother, just to put them out of their misery.  Still, six years is good, even for a UK ferret.  Let me try and sum up those six wonderful years...

In 2006 David was handed in to Animal Care with his brother.  Both were said to be 9 years old, more like 9 months.  Well, I fell in love with his little face and took him home that evening.  He was immediately welcomed into the gang and he and Smithy became best pals.


Once he was castrated and the hormones died off, he gained the nickname "stoner".  He was soo laid back that my husband suggested he had Ozzy Osbourne's other brain cells and infact kept a small stash of drugs hidden in his bedding.

There wasn't anyone that walked away from a meeting with David that thought they were horrid nasty, bitey things.  He won over so many hearts, especially in Todmorden.  He took regular trips in my hoodie pouch to the market where the book stall lady loved to have a cuddle.  He was so good I even trusted him to just lay there when a little kid in his pram wanted to hold one, and he did me proud.

David was my go to for a PR ferret, he could be handed to anyone and never show the slightest hint of aggression.

Six years have flown by, my original four have all passed on and now it's David's turn.  I'm thankful for all these years together and I'm thankful for him being who he is.

I had a vision this morning, I saw the lost four all standing at rainbow bridge, all in full health and I knew they were happy.  I knew Smithy had become a guardian, one who takes little lost souls in and shows them the joys of rainbow bridge and I knew that David would join him in that role soon.

I don't really have anything else to say, so I'll just share  some of my favourite photos of the stoner...

David sits on a babba


Maaaaaybe we try it

'Dead' David






Kelda said...

oh I'm sorry, sat hear crying my eyes out, I often think of my baby's over the bridge and how happy dooking away they must be. All healthy again.

Fiona Dix said...

so sorry, Jacqui xx