Monday, 5 September 2011

RIP Smithy Bennet, 7 years old

RIP Smithy 'old man' Bennett

??? 2004 - 4th September 2011

My ‘old man’ Smithy the ferret has passed away. I went down to water and feed and scoop poop and he was cold. He’d died in his sleep, with his friends around him and at home. It still hurts and I miss him. I can only assume it was old age. He'd been to the vet recently for a cough and it was suggested he was developing fluid in his abdomen and possibly around his heart. All I know is I found him curled up asleep and I can only hope that is how he passed, quietly and unaware.

Smithy was what I liked to think of as a “bomb proof” ferret. He wasn’t phased by anything and took everything in his stride. He was a king of ferret PR, never even thinking of mouthing, let alone biting a human. He loved to cuddle as much as run around and was the first ferret I ever truly fell in love with. As soon as I met him I knew that if he wasn’t claimed he would be mine.

He came to the shelter a stray, he had poo encrusted on his back claws, fleas, ticks, and was skinny. But that never stopped him being a gentleman and a gentle man. He taught Lou to play, he gained her trust from day one and was always there for her. When I was sad he was the one I could cuddle and cry on, he didn't mind. Now, I've lost him. I've lost the gentlest, most patient, loving ferret I ever met.

We had a glorious five years together, he got to play in snow many times, walked (and was carried) miles, converted many the ferret-phobic and was loved by all. He even got reserve best in show once in Todmorden.

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While the wound is still raw, I am comforted knowing wherever his spirit may be, it’s happy. I did the best I could for him and gave him a happy, loving home for five years. He never went hungry and was taken to the vet if needs be. He had many toys and friends and knew I loved him.

Smithy, I’m sorry I wasn’t with you as you left, I like the idea someone gave me that you waited for me not to be there so I wouldn't have to see you pass. Dook on with Thomas and Lou up there at rainbow bridge and know I loved you dearly. Come visit soon, I think you were with me tonight when I felt like I was cuddling you. You, and Lou, and Thomas are always welcome in my heart.


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Karen said...

So sorry, Fluzz. It sounds like he had a great ferret life, though, so I hope you can take comfort in giving him that and the memories he gave you.